Its summer time and you will chance upon the king of fruits in the market, Mangoes. 

However, one should be careful while buying, most of the stock in the market are artificially ripened using calcium carbide. Such mangoes are harmful to health. Food and Drugs Administration has appealed citizens to check before buying a mango.

Why are mangoes artificially ripened?
As mangoes have more demand in the market, producers use calcium carbide (CaC2) to ripen the fruit in less time. When producers use CaC2 chemical, it produces heat in the mango which helps it to ripen fast.

Health disorders caused by artificially ripened mangoes
Stomach pain
Throat infection

“Every year, in the month of April- May, we carry out a raid on markets and mango sellers. Druing a raid, we take sample of mangoes and if we find that set of mangoes whichare not good for health, they seized such mangoes,” said Suresh Annapure, assistant commissioner, FDA. He added that complaint will be filed agianst the producers who will be held guilty of using CaC2.

This is how to identify naturally ripened mangoes
- Artificially ripened mangoes are dark yellow and do not have white or green patches
- These mangoes don't look the same
- This mango look ripened but they are raw from inside
- Naturally ripened mangoes are saffron in colour
- Artificially ripened mangoes are less juicy
- The taste of artificially ripened mangoes is different and it can cause throat infection.

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