Chill and pollution wreaks havoc

    Chill and pollution wreaks havoc
    Mumbai  -  

    Goregaon - Winter has come and people are shivering. The pollution is also increasing leaps and bounds in progression with the chill. Residents of Goregaon are facing a tough time due to this. Fever, pneumonia, allergy, cough and cold patients are also increasing. Development work is underway in this area, Metro project, work in progress on link road near Prem Nagar, and people, in order to counter the chill, are sitting around the camp fires. This is increasing the rate of pollution in the area. In regard with this Dr. Pradeep Yadav said,"the smoke in the air and the chilling weather is becoming unbearable for the small kids and thus the chances of them catching diseases." Enjoy the weather, but be safe.

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