Mangoes for diabetics? Rujuta Diwekar's video sparks debate among docs

Mangoes for diabetics? Rujuta Diwekar's video sparks debate among docs
Mangoes for diabetics? Rujuta Diwekar's video sparks debate among docs
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When life gives you lemons, throw it back and say, “I said I wanted a mango.” Summer is here and so is the king of fruits. Everyone loves to eat rich and juicy mangoes, but there are people who think thrice not even twice before gulping the succulent mangoes, they are people suffering from diabetes.

There is a huge difference in the opinions of diabetes specialist and the dietitians when eating mango is concerned. Mango has loads of nutritious values - Mango is a rich source of fiber, which helps in improving health of heart, reduces cholesterol and promotes digestive functions. Rich source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. Mangoes also contain oxidants which are really necessary for human diet and a healthy stable life.

Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar recommended mango for the diabetic patients in the video which is becoming viral, As per Rujuta Diwekar –

“Mango is an excellent fruit for diabetics. It is not just safe but it is recommended that you have a mango a day if you are diabetic.

When diabetic people say that Mango is rich of calories, so whether should we eat it or not?

Rujuta Diwekar counters that question with the statement that “When calories come out of mango, they come with so much density of nutrients that it is really the most brilliant decision that you would have ever taken in your life.”

Why mango is good for diabetes?

“Mango is good for diabetes, because mango is low on glycemic index. Mango helps in maintaining insulin sensitivity. It helps to regulate blood sugar. There is no connection between mango and diabetes.”

Meanwhile, few doctors supported Rujuta’s take on diabetic patients eating mango. There were few who opposed.

Dr. Vijay Pannikar, Diabetologiost

Diabetic patients can eat mango twice a day, during morning and evening. Diabetic patients must not eat too much mangoes as this could increase blood sugar level.

Dr. Amol Ghule, Diabetologist

Diabetics can eat raw mangoes but not the ripe ones. Diabetics can eat apple, oranges and sweet lemon.

Dr. Shailendra Hodkar, Diabetologist

People suffering from Diabetes shouldn’t eat mangoes. Mangoes contain sugar in high quantity.

The conclusion which can be drawn is that mangoes are healthy fruit and having mango is absolutely a good idea. So please go and eat juice-dripping mangoes.

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