Plastic eggs a rumour

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 Plastic eggs a rumour
 Plastic eggs a rumour
 Plastic eggs a rumour
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Reports of artificial eggs have caused a stir in the market. The plastic egg was seized in the market in West Bengal. The case of selling plastic eggs was reported in Dombivali. People have stopped eating eggs out of fear. The sale of eggs has decreased in the market.

Mumbai Live contacted Suresh Annapure, Assistant Commissioner Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Friday. As per FDA plastic egg case is mere rumour. Few eggs were sent for lab testing on Friday.


The eggs are not artificial those are eggs hatched by ducks, not the hen.

The plastic egg will burn like plastic and smell like it too. People have started paying the lot more attention towards egg’s anatomy. Officials said that fake alerts being spread on social networking sites have triggered such complaints.

The shells tested didn’t have any plastic, they are therefore fit for consumption.

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