8-year-old undergoes revised bariatric surgery

According to the doctors, it is considered as the youngest revision bariatric surgery performed till now

8-year-old undergoes revised bariatric surgery
Eight-year-old Zoya Khan Photo Credit: DNA

Eight-year-old Zoya Khan, a patient of acute obesity weighing 39 kilograms, was bedridden for two years. On December 15, she underwent a revised bariatric surgery at Surana Hospital in Malad. According to the doctors, it is the youngest revision bariatric surgery performed till now. 

A team of doctors comprising of Dr Mohit Bhandari, who is Asia Pacific’s highest volume operating bariatric surgeon, was requested to see Zoya. Dr Bhandari, who is also the head of bariatric surgery department at Surana group of hospitals, along with internationally acclaimed bariatric surgeon Dr Mathias Fobi, flew from Indore to inspect the girl on Friday. Their diagnosis showed that the child was suffering from morbid obesity and decided on revision surgery.

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While conducting the endoscopy and with the help of CT scan, Dr Bhandari found that her stomach had dilated to a normal size of adults stomach post her first surgery that was conducted when she was 11-months-old. 

Dr Bhandari told The Free Press Journal, 

A revision sleeve surgery was performed with a fixture of a non-adjustable ring by the team which will help to avoid the stomach to dilate again and ensure she has adequate weight loss and her weight doesn’t increase with age. Option of gastric bypass was avoided since she was too young and could lead to micronutrient deficiency,”

As she did not walk for two years, her legs have become weak. For now, she has been kept under observation in ICU. Dr Prince D Surana, CEO of Surana Hospital said Zoya will be kept in the hospital for at least a week where she will be given aggressive physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help her to walk. 

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