State government to provide baby care kits to reduce infant mortality rate

The baby car kit worth ₹2000 would be given to the first child born in state health care centres or government hospitals

State government to provide baby care kits to reduce infant mortality rate

In order to reduce infant mortality rate, the state government has decided to provide a baby care kit worth ₹2000. This would be given to children born in state health care centres or government hospitals. However, this scheme will be applicable only for the first child.

According to the data revealed through an RTI enquiry, out of over 13,500 infants who died between April 2017 and February 2018, 22 per cent were born prematurely, 7 per cent contracted pneumonia, 12 per cent died of asphyxia, 10 per cent had congenital malformations and 7 per cent contracted various other infections. 

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The women and child development department claimed that out of 20 lakh pregnant women who give birth annually, only 50 per cent get their names registered in the state health care centres and government hospitals. Of this, about four lakh are first time mothers. The department is under the process of drafting a proposal worth ₹80 crore to provide the kits.

The kit will include baby clothes, a small bed, towel, body massage oil, thermometer, mosquito net, woollen blanket, shampoo, nail cutter, hand gloves, socks, body wash liquid, hand sanitizer, woollen clothes for the mother, small toys, etc.

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