Jaslok Hospital organizes first ‘Infection Outbreak containment’ symposium - INFECON 2019

The 2-day event which was organised by Jaslok Hospital's Department of Infectious Diseases was held at Taj President in Cuffe Parade.

  • Jaslok Hospital organizes first ‘Infection Outbreak containment’ symposium - INFECON 2019

Jaslok Hospital had curated an industry symposium, INFECON 2019 – first initiative to raise awareness on infection outbreak containment. It was held on 18th and 19th October at Taj President Hotel in Cuffe Parade. 

This event aimed to provide a platform to showcase the critical role played by the Department of Infectious Diseases in the treatment of patients and their speedy recovery. There were expert doctors from various departments, who presented their case studies and insights on infection outbreak containment, followed by panel discussions to deliberate on new trends in this space, looking at it from the lens of a global perspective.

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The sessions that were led by reputed stalwart doctors and medical practitioners who spoke on various critical subjects like Infectious Outbreaks in Ophthalmology, Hospital-based outbreaks, Infectious outbreaks in Dialysis Unit, ICU outbreaks, Global perspectives on outbreak containment, Viral Outbreaks in the community, Fungal infections and urbanization, to name a few.

The two-day event which was organized by the Department of Infectious Diseases at Jaslok Hospital provided enumerable data-led insights and interesting case studies related to infectious outbreak containment, which is very critical, for any hospital but even more for safeguarding the community healthcare, at large.

Moreover, it even had stalls of pharmaceutical companies and interactive games which aimed at spreading awareness about infectious outbreaks in an interesting way. 

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