Maharashtra overtakes Russia in total caseloads and fatalities

The total number of deaths in Maharashtra as on September 14 stands at 29,894 which is higher than what most countries have recorded

Maharashtra overtakes Russia in total caseloads and fatalities

After showing a decline in the cases in the month of August, the coronavirus tally in Maharashtra is again showing an upward trend. While that is an area of concern, the bigger worry is the number of deaths that have been reported in the state.

The total number of deaths in the state as on September 14 stands at 29,894 which is higher than what most countries have recorded. According to the stats available on Worldometer, the total death in Maharashtra are more than what Iran (23,453), Columbia (23,123) and even Russia (18,785) has recorded ever since the coronavirus outbreak started. 

In terms of the total number of cases, Russia with 1,073,849 cases stands at the fourth on the Worldometer dashboard after USA, India and Brazil. The same data shows India at the third place in terms of the number of fatalities with 81,168 death.

Maharashtra recently crossed a grim landmark as the total number of cases in the state zoomed past a million mark. On September 14, 17,066 new cases were recorded in the state. On September 11, the state had posted a record single-day peak with 24,886 new cases. The total caseload of Maharasthra stands at 10,77,374 cases now, which is greater than Russia that has a caseload of 10,73,849.

In terms of mortality rate, Maharashtra with 2.77 per cent stands at the third spot in India and it tailing Gujrat (2.81 per cent) and Punjab (2.95 per cent). Total active cases stand at,291,630 and doubling rate of Maharashtra is 32.38 days.

The testing has picked up in Maharashtra and 88,781 samples were tested in the state on Monday. Currently, India is testing about 720 samples per million population per day. Thee worrying part for India is that our positivity rate is nowhere close to the 5 per cent that is considered to be ideal in this case.  

The recovery rate in Maharashtra has also shown a positive change after four days of decline. It has improved to 70.16 per cent from 69.08 per cent to 70.16 per cent.

On September 14, the death toll for Mumbai crossed 14,000-mark and caseloads are also in excess of 4 lakh. Of the total 8 circles, MMR region that comprises of Mumbai, Thane, Palghar and Raigad remains to be a concern area. On Monday, the fatalities in the MMR region shot up from 13,951 to 14,130 in the 24 hour period and the total caseload in the area stands at 404,218.

Coming over to Pune, the district now has a total caseload of 235,419 and the death rate stands at 4,838.

Thane district is at the third spot and witnessed 158,908 cases and the death toll increased from 4,162 the previous day to 4,301 now.

While MMR, Thane and Pune had always been posting a higher number of cases, but even smaller places in Maharashtra are now posting an increased number of cases. Nashik on Monday recorded 138,742 cases and the total death total now stands at 2,923. While Aurangabad circle has 1,108 fatalities and 42,192 cases. This is followed by Latur circle which has recorded 1,096 fatalities and 40,320 cases, and then Akola which has 642 deaths and 27,537 cases.

(All data from Worldometer was updated on September 15, 2020, at 14.28 GMT while the data for Maharashtra is sourced from state health site and updated on September 14)