Medical cases on rise post demonetisation

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    Mumbai- Post demonetisation many have fallen prey to high blood pressure. Cardiologist Dr. Vijay Mun said that such patients have increased. “I have patients who complain about heart pain, insomnia, increasing heart beats and incessant sweat issues. When I do their health check up they complain of having tension of exchanging notes. Some also fall ill due to standing in long queues”, said Dr. Vijay Mun, cardiologist. King Plaza Super Market and Medical Stores’s owner Ramji Patel claimed that 50% of people have brought BP medicines since 8th November. Tab Telma, Tab Telpres, Amlodipine, Losakind, Cilacar, Phenergan, Restyl, Quetiapine, Midaz and Atarax are the tablets which are been widely sold.

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