Mercury rises as March ends

    Mercury rises as March ends
    Mumbai  -  

    As the city gets ready for the summer, the end of March is witnessing an unprecedented rise in temperatures.

    Colaba recorded 32.2 deg C on Tuesday while Santacruz recorded 35 deg C till afternoon, a marginal dip from the scorching heat witnessed by the city and suburbs on Monday.

    V.K.Rajiv, Director, Regional Meteorological Department told Mumbai Live that the temperatures will remain high for the next couple of days.
    The mercury has been on the rise since Sunday and parts of the city recorded very high temperatures. Mumbai recorded 38 deg C while Thane sizzled at 43.1 deg C. Mumbai had recorded such high temperatures in March 60 years ago, on 28 March 1956, when the mercury had climbed to 41.7 deg C.

    Dr Shivkumar Uttare, Member of the Maharashtra Medical council has advised that the people should be careful about such high temperatures and keep themselves hydrated.

    Children should consume at least 2 litres of water per day while adults should consume atleast 3 1/2 litres of water per day.

    Some more helpful pointers -

    • Keep Glucon D and Electral handy

    • Consume jaggery and water regularly

    • Drink lemonade, sugar cane juice, buttermilk and tender coconut water instead of aerated drinks

    • Avoid drinks like tea and coffee

    • Use cotton clothes or natural fabrics

    • Avoid consuming iced water after coming in from the outdoors

    • Consume a spoonful of 'gulkand' every day

    • Use sunscreen before stepping out

    • Massage the soles of your feet with oil before retiring for the night

    • Avoid roadside foods

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