Mumbai's First Successful Pancreas Transplant Helps Woman Live

The transplant took place in Thane's Jupiter Hospital and the donor was a 16-year-old boy from MGM Hospital.

Mumbai's First Successful Pancreas Transplant Helps Woman Live

A pancreas transplant is usually done to treat Type 1 diabetes but can have severe side-effects. Therefore patients have to be carefully selected for a transplant. At present, it's offered to juvenile diabetes patients with kidney damage. The pancreas produces insulin which helps in controlling the blood sugar level, however, when it malfunctions, the blood sugar level increases. 

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The city's first transplant was carried out on Wednesday at Jupiter Hospital in Thane after a father of a 16-year old brain-dead boy from MGM Hospital agreed to donate his organs. The father further has consented to donate his kidney, cornea, liver and heart which has helped in saving 7 lives. 

This is notably the third organ donation in 11 months. On May 11, a 48-year-old man from Thane donated his liver, cornea and skin after an accident in Bhiwandi. On May 22, kin of 47-year-old woman donated lungs, liver, pancreas, skin and cornea after she suffered from brain-dead. 

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