3 Killed at Boisar due to MIDC's Chemical Leak

The chemical leak was in MIDC at Boisar in Palghar district which resulted in the death of 3 workers due to their exposure to the chemicals

3 Killed at Boisar due to MIDC's Chemical Leak

There was a chemical leak in Boisar's MIDC which is located in Palghar district on Sunday at 4:00 pm. Fire Brigade was rushed to the spot and it has been reported that 3 workers died after inhaling the toxic gas. The deceased were Prabhakar Khadse (59), Dattatraya Ghule (25), and Raghunath Gorai (25).  

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Even though the nature of the gas and the exact reason for death will be determined after autopsies, it has been reported that the workers weren't equipped with safety measures like gears and masks.

The deceased were taken to Thunga hospital in Boisar where they were declared dead on arrival and the nature of the chemical was so grave that the smell of the gas had spread in the hospital premises and the doctors operating on the patients too felt nauseated and had to be given medical aid.

In the MIDC area, workers of other factories have also vacated the premises. Director of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH), Vasai, has carried out their inspection and a case of negligence will be filed on the owner. 

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