Mumbai’s Lakes Have Enough Water to Last Until August 10: Report

Mumbai’s Lakes Have Enough Water to Last Until August 10: Report

As per the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), the lakes and reservoirs in the city have enough water right now to last the city until August 10. This comes as commercial use of water is at an all-time low while household water usage has seen a significant spike over the past few months. This is a result of extensive hygiene protocols as advised by the authorities including a thorough washing of hands with soap and water.

The city gets its water primarily from lakes like Bhatsa, Tansa, Upper, Middle, Modak Sagar, Tulsi, and Vihar. As of the most recent estimates, these lakes currently have around 3.03 lakh million litres of water left. However, after last year’s monsoons, authorities reported a total capacity of 14.47 lakh million litres. 

The BMC said that it supplies the same amount of potable water daily as it used to before the lockdown - 3,850 million litres. However, despite the lockdown and several industries as well as educational institutions currently not operating, the authorities are reportedly sending the same amount of water each day, indicating that water consumption has increased significantly at homes.

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Ajay Rathod, chief engineer at BMC’s hydraulics department said that on a normal day, households account for only 15% of the daily water consumption. Meanwhile, residents speak of the additional measures they’re taking to avoid any risk of contamination, including washing of packaged products and even eggs with soap. 

For those concerned with the lack of water in the lakes of Mumbai, the monsoons are expected to bring some respite. The India Meteorological Department has predicted that Mumbai may experience rain on June 1, following which, the city should receive generous monsoon showers. Authorities had previously allowed civic bodies to resume pre-monsoon works in several parts of the city even during the lockdown.