Mumbai Blood Banks face a severe Scarcity


Mumbai is currently facing a crisis of severe shortage of blood. The State Board of Transfusion Council (STBC) has decided to urge all campaigners, institutions of private, public and religious nature, and NGOs to organise more blood camps in order to fight back the crisis in Mumbai.

 This crisis has almost become an annual trend. Every year post-Diwali, blood banks start facing shortage and this continues till the end of November. This dire situation of blood shortage has lead to the unprecedented death of a lot of young people, which may not have been the case in other metropolitan cities. SBTC's Arun Thorat has suggested that Mumbai has enough blood stock for a total of 4-5 days. There is a total of 4,500 units as per the amalgamated units currently collected in all banks. A total of 800- 900 units are used across the city on a daily basis. 

During regular periods the Mumbai blood banks have a total of 10,000 units. Thorat has also proclaimed that religious institutions have helped a lot to organise these blood drives and at times they have helped in collecting up to 6, 000 units through their initiatives. It has also been established that the MSEB conducted such camps too and played a significant role in this blood drive collection. 

Think Foundation's Vinay Shetty is of the opinion that this crisis can be averted by planning better. This annual incidence needs to be fought back, as it is affecting the lives of the youth of Mumbai. One can never know when we might lose a near one due to this severity. Keeping this in mind, the youth needs to plan better in terms of holidays which is one of the most evident reasons behind such poor condition of blood availability in banks. 

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