Good news for patients! Meds will now be available at quite low prices

    Good news for patients! Meds will now be available at quite low prices
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    In order to make medicines available at the most economical prices, PM Narendra Modi is trying hard to introduce a legal framework for it. For this, it will now be a mandate for the doctors to prescribe generic medicines only. On the contrary, the prescription drugs that were being prescribed by the doctors up till now were quite expensive.

    Earlier as well, the Indian Medical Council had issued orders to the doctors under the Prescription Act to prescribe generic medicines, yet the doctors did not follow it. But now under the Public Medicinal Project, it is a mandate for the doctors that they prescribe generic medicines only.

    Ghausar, the person who runs the Public Medicinal Centre in Borivali states that there are just 3 centres in Mumbai and 80 in Maharashtra. Moreover, Ghausar has shown the confidence that now after Modi’s declaration; all the doctors will be adhering to the regulation and this whole practice will raise awareness as well.

    But will the doctors change their ways?

    Around 90 percent of the doctors in whole of India prescribe expensive medicines. So a question here pops up that will Modi’s declaration make any difference in this ongoing pattern? In this regard, Dr Shivkumar Utture, member of the Indian Medical Council said that he is quite receptive to the whole idea and is saying to work a lot more in this direction. He stated that there are very less Public Medicinal Centers, all it needs to develop a framework. He further added that people, on a general basis go to the chemist for getting a medicine and in case the medical store owner hands him a medicine from some other company than that of generic one, who would be responsible in case something happens to the buyer. Before this, people will have to be educated about the purchase of generic medicines.

    Moreover, understated are the spots where generic medicines are available in Mumbai-Thane:

    •Public Medicinal Ghatkopar Service Community, Chirag Nagar Police Station, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar

    •Public Medicinal Center, Bhagwati Hospital, Borivali West

    •Public Medicinal Center, 2-Amrapali Building, Somwari Bazaar, Malad West

    •Public Medicinal Center, Shop No. 19, Rajyog Phase-1, Municipal Hospital, Nalasopara East

    •Public Medicinal Center, Gala, D-6, Siddhivinayak City Society, Savarkar Nagar, Thane West

    •Public Medicinal Center, Shop Number-5, Shiv Plaza Complex, Nehru Chowk, Ulhasnagar

    •Public Medicinal Center, Sitaram Palace, Shop No.2, Shirodkar Hospital Trust, Manapada Road, Dombivali East

    What is generic medicine?

    A specific chemical better known as salt is made after an extensive research and study to treat a particular kind of disease. Just so this is easily available for consumption, it is prepared in the form of a tablet or a capsule. This salt is sold by different companies with different names. The price, however varies. Moreover, this salt is named on the basis of its composition and the ailment it is supposed to treat by a special team. The generic name of any salt stays the same across the world.

    Economical medicines can be made available:

    On a general basis, the doctors prescribe medicines that are quite expensive which works to the maximum advantage of the big brands that make medicines. But it is a fact that you economical medicines are available too even if the doctor prescribes the expensive ones. You still can avail the generic medicine of the same salt that your doctor prescribes, as a matter of fact; the generic medicine is of ten times lesser price than the one that is prescribed. So much so, that there’s a difference of around 90 percent between the price of generic and the prescribed medicine.

    Reason why generic medicines are cheaper:

    While the price for the patent medicines is decided by the companies themselves, the price of the generic medicines is decided by the government. Moreover, as per the World Health Organization, if the doctors prescribe the generic to the patients, the health cost would see a drop by at least 70 percent in the developed countries and this percentage would increase even more for the developing countries.

    Diseases for which generic medicines are cheap:

    On a general basis, the doctors either write just the name of the salt or simply the name of some branded medicine. Nevertheless, there are certain diseases for which generic medicines are quite cheap. These diseases are heart diseases, neurology related ailments, Diabetes, Kidney related problems, urine related problems, burn problems.

    Generic and branded Medicines- understanding the difference:

    Just download the app Healthkart Plus or Pharma Jan Samadhan which will help you to buy cheap generic medicines.

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