Warning: Pigeon droppings may give you respiratory issues. Here's how...

Warning: Pigeon droppings may give you respiratory issues. Here's how...

When we look at Pigeons in our city, we just ‘shoo ‘ them away and move on with our life. Have you ever considered the fact that these harmless looking pigeons could actually be really harmful to our health?

Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) is found to be on the rise in the city. In simple words, the air we’re breathing in has particulate matter which is not good for our respiratory system. Respiratory problems are becoming too common these days and the root cause is not being dealt with tactfully.

How are pigeons involved in this?

1) Pigeon droppings are ideal for the growth of a fungus called ‘aspergillus’ that severely affects human lungs.

2) According to surveys conducted by KEM doctors, people suffering from respiratory problems are living in areas which are densely populated with pigeons.

3) They shed their feathers a lot and these feathers are again not good for us. People with compromised immunity are at high risk.

So doctors have repeatedly told us about how these not-so-harmful-looking birds are a cause for concern and how their growing population shouldn't be taken lightly.

Why is Mumbai fostering Pigeons?

Pigeons are being taken care of like they’re going to provide you with the elixir of life. Yes, they used to be messengers and people have an emotional connection with them, but these health issues are real.
Recently, a case in Borivali East has surfaced where a woman lost her life because of lung infection. The doctor had asked her if there were too many pigeons in the vicinity and yes, there was a kabutarkhana around their residence.

BMC’s take

In 2016, when the issue raised in a BMC meeting, authorities had proposed to add fertility control pills in pigeon food to control the population. There has been no progress so far. BMC are being too ignorant about this issue. The officials need to seriously take some action and people need to be a bit practical about the problems associated with emotion. Health of Mumbai cannot be compromised.

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