Poor diet causes 11 million deaths across the globe: Study

India ranks 118th amongst countries with lowest rate of diet related deaths with 310 amongst 100,000 people dying every year


According to a study, one out of five deaths in over 195 countries around the world are caused because of malnutrition. Scarcity of food is a rising concern around the globe. This accounts for 11 million deaths because of the lack of availability of food. 

As per the research, hundreds of people in India die because of a poor diet, with a low intake of whole grains and fruits. Intake of whole grains below 125 grams per day has been a potential dietary risk for death and disease in India, the US, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Iran, and Turkey.

In 2017, India ranked 118th amongst countries with the low rates of diet related deaths, accounting for 310 deaths per 100,000 people. The countries which had the lowest rates of similar deaths were Israel, France, Spain, Japan and Andorra. 

The research highlights the need for coordinated efforts from countries around the globe to improve the diet of the people through policies that drive balanced diets.

Where nearly 11 million die because of a poor diet, high sodium intake in food and with low quantities of whole grains and fruits have together accounted for over five million deaths in 2017.

Approximately 10 million amongst these died because of cardiovascular diseases, 913,000 succumbed to cancer, and nearly 339,000 died because of type-2 diabetes.

Deaths because of a poor diet have increased by 3 million since 1990, largely because of the population boom and a major chunk of the people ageing, as per the report. 

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