Special Dialysis Department started for Patients at Mumbai Central's Wockhardt Hospital

There will be a total of 13 beds in this department. Out of which, nine beds will be made available for dialysis services and three beds for Hepatitis B / C along with HIV positive patients.


Renal failure is a medical condition in which, a person’s one or both kidneys no longer function. In order to remove impure water from the body, the functioning of kidneys is necessary. However, in the case of renal failure, the person requires dialysis through which the impure water from the body is removed manually. 

Patients are required to stay for two to three days in the hospital for dialysis. However, Mumbai’s Wockhardt Hospital has started a special service for Dialysis of Kidney failure patients.

The new dialysis service of this hospital at Mumbai Central was started by the operator of the hospital, Mrs. Zahabia Khorakiwala and the Nephrology department and the kidney transplant physician Dr. M.M. Bahadur.

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The most important feature of this center or USP is the KTV dialysis. This unit is used to measure the adequacy of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatment methods. KTV Dialysis Center is equipped with advanced technology and the best-trained doctors available for this extremely complex treatment.

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