World Obesity Day: Mumbai’s #PunchThePaunch Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness on Obesity

World Obesity Day: Mumbai’s #PunchThePaunch Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness on Obesity

On the occasion of World Obesity Day, which is marked annually on March 4, Mumbai’s Zandra Healthcare Private Limited has pushed an initiative known as #PunchThePaunch. This involves either donating directly to the Beat-O-Beast Obesity Clinic or by sharing pictures. Citizens can also choose to donate through the fundraising platform, ImpactGuru

Here’s how the campaign page describes it: 

“The campaign is #NotBodyShaming... it's very meaningful... highly nostalgic and... slightly emotional. Share a pic of the #PunchThePaunch or the donation receipt on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Remember, punching your own belly isn't enough! So let's go... And yes, invite at least 2 more people to take the #PunchThePaunch Challenge.”

This initiative is supported by Novo Nordisk and the Indian Obesity Society.

Separately, the World Health Organization (WHO) observes World Obesity Day each year and runs a global campaign around it. Doctors have long said that obesity is a key contributor to chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, certain types of cancers, and heart conditions. 

The WHO says that obesity rates have almost tripled globally since 1975 and up to five times among children and adolescents. Experts believe that the increase in the consumption of energy-dense foods that are high in sugars and fat are some of the factors fuelling the growth of obesity rates. 

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