Amidst Rains, What Does The Number Of Potholes In The City Look Like?

The majority of the potholes in the city are reported during the monsoon. 421 potholes complaints have been registered in Mumbai between April 1 and July 12.

Amidst Rains, What Does The Number Of Potholes In The City Look Like?

Based on the data on Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)’s, mobile application, “MyBMC Pothole Fixit”, there has been a dip of 76% in the number of potholes in 2020-21 in contrast to 2019-20. According to data, since June 1, 2021, 239 potholes have been reported.

In accordance with the statistics, between April 1 and July 12, 421 potholes complaints were registered in the city, out of which 239 were brought to light since June 1. Of these 421 complaints, 265 have been attended and 255 have been concluded.

Former Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi had launched a seven-day pothole challenge which started on November 1, 2019. According to which the civic authority was offering Rs 500 to citizens for reporting potholes. To be eligible for the same, citizens were required to take selfies with the potholes and in case it is not reported within 24 hours, they can claim the cash prize.

In 2019, BMC’s mobile application attained 5,390 complaints from April 2019 and March 2020. Of which 3,811 were attended and 3,806 were closed. However, the complaints in 2020-21 came down owing to the lockdown.

The data suggests that from April 2020 and March 2021, 1,292 pothole complaints were registered out of which 885 were attended and 877 were closed.

It is largely seen that potholes are reported near bridges, civic road works and Metro construction works.

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