Redevelopment projects will be started soon

    Redevelopment projects will be started soon
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    Redevelopment work of Bombay Development Directorate (BDD) chawls in Naigaon and NM Joshi Marg will be conducted soon. The redevelopment project was pending since many years. According to the sources, tenders have passed for the redevelopment works in Naigaon and NM Joshi Marg. Tenders on international level were accepted for the BDD chawls in Worli. According to sources in Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), 17 May is the last date of accepting the tenders.

    Shaprji-Palanji for BDD chawls in Naigaon and L&T for NM Joshi Marg are given the contracts for the redevelopment. Soon the project will get started. On other side the Bombay Development Directorate (BDD)chawls redevelopment work is pending due to some technical problems, so it is said that MHADA will soon get the work.

    According to Akhil BDD Bhadekaru Sangh, president Kiran Mane, BDD residents of Worli and Naigaon are opposing MHADA. Residents of Worli BDD chawls approached Mumbai High court, they are waiting for the court’s decision. A meeting of BDD chawl residentsis is held on 9 April to plan for their further step.

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