MHADA redevelopment becomes swift as 49 proposals approved

The increase in the speed of the process is said to be due to the introduction of the new standards. Alongside, MHADA created two independent departments to boost the process of approval for redevelopment projects.


Five months back, Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) was given the status of ‘Special Planning Authority’. On the other hand, the new MHADA redevelopment regulations are going well with the residents as well as the builders. Due to which, the projects which have been pending for years, have started to find their way towards fulfillment.

A senior MHADA official recently told Mumbai Live that for the past year, 49 out of 107 proposals have received approval.

MHADA has 56 colonies in Mumbai whereas has 114 layouts. Amongst the 56 colonies, several buildings are in a very dangerous condition and require redevelopment as soon as possible. However, there have been issues with the redevelopment projects and due to which, MHADA had introduced major changes in its redevelopment policy.

Earlier, the housing association eliminated the option for premium and decided to only allow redevelopment through housing stock. However, the builders were disinterested in redeveloping the houses through housing stock and therefore, none of the builders agreed to come forward for the projects.

Therefore, MHADA once again introduced the option of Housing stock and the premium option. As soon as the new standards were introduced, MHADA received the status of ‘Special Planning Authority’ for its redevelopment program and Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY). Later, MHADA created two independent departments to boost the process of approval for redevelopment projects.

With the creation of these departments, the changes were visible as the 49 proposals received quick approval due to the two departments making the process speedier.

As per the information provided by the senior MHADA Mumbai Board official, all the projects were approved on the premium basis. Meanwhile, MHADA had also rejected 15 projects and they have been sent back. The remaining proposals are under scrutiny and the final decision on this proposal will be taken soon.

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