MHADA’s housing project in Goregaon fails to attract contractors

According to MHADA officials, if no contractor turns up for the tender, then the project is likely to remain on paper.


The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority’s (MHADA) 18 acres ambitious project with 7000 houses, which was about to come to Goregaon, has stalled. The reason being the Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board (MRRB) weren't able to find any contractor. It is also being said that if no contractor turns up for the tender, the project is likely to remain on paper.

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After 25 years of judicial battle, MHADA acquired 25 acres of land to construct houses for the public at Goregaon. Likewise, the first phase of building houses on 18 out of 25 acres of land was finalised and a tender was invited to construct 5,119 houses as per 3 FSI but, later the MRRB officials realised that they had prepared a draft as per 4 FSI.

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Now with the increased FSI, MHADA was to get 7000 houses instead of 5,119. Accordingly, they revised their tenders and invited the same on April 8, 2018. However, MHADA received no response and they gradually postponed the date to April 24, 2018.

Why was it postponed?

As per the sources, L&T and B G Shirke showed interest in filing for the tender. Out of these two, L&T had planned to construct 2500 to 3000 houses but at the end moment, they backed out leaving B G Shirke alone. Hence, the MRRB decided to postpone the tendering process.

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