Konkan Board suggests Mumbai unit’s of MHADA to postpone their lottery

More people apply for the Mumbai’s unit lottery under MHADA housing policy because everyone desires to get a house in Mumbai. It affects the lottery carried out by Konkan Board


Six months ago, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority’s (MHADA) Mumbai circle announced a lottery for 1000 houses on May 31, 2018. However, due to the slow management, the same has been delayed. A reliable source has confirmed the same.

According to sources, MHADA’s Konkan Board has started preparing for the withdrawal of almost 4,000 houses. The applicants for the MHADA’s Mumbai circle lottery are always more than that of Konkan Board as everyone wants a house in Mumbai and if both the boards – Mumbai and Konkan – collectively take out the lottery, the Konkan board will get a poor response. Thus, the Konkan unit of MHADA had a strong discussion on this issue. According to sources, the Konkan unit has suggested Mumbai Board to carry out their lottery after that of Konkan’s.

For MHADA’s lottery, people pay almost 15 to 75 thousand rupees as the deposit amount and for commoners, this amount is huge. If the lottery of the Mumbai Board is taken out with that of Konkan’s, there is a possibility that the applicants for the latter would be less. This is because people won’t be able to pay the deposit for both the unit’s lottery. The proportion of applicants for Mumbai’s unit is way higher than of Konkan’s – millions of applicants apply for Mumbai and even if there are 4 to 5 thousand houses in Konkan board’s lottery, there are only 50 to 60 thousand applicants.

Considering this fact, the Konkan Board has suggested the Mumbai’s unit of MHADA to take out the lottery after theirs. Anyway, the Konkan Board’s preparations for the lottery are almost completed and Mumbai’s unit is not where near it.

When contacted, Mumbai’s unit Co-Director Sanjay Bhagwat refused the same and told Mumbai Live that “We are preparing for our lottery and we will launch it soon.” However, the chief officer of the Konkan Board, Vijay Lahane couldn’t be contacted to comment on the issue.

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