MHADA to allot 40,000 houses

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    MHADA to allot 40,000 houses
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    Mumbai- Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, MHADA Kokan Housing Division will come up with 40,000 houses in Mumbai.Tenders have been floated for this project in the last few months, as the land was not transferred for the construction of the buildings,

    Hence State Housing Minister, Prakash Mehta has cancelled the tenders and the plan was put on hold for time being.

    The land transfer issue has been resolved, and the plan to build 40 thousand houses has their way open. 
    MHADA will also construct houses at Varve, Khoni, Shirgaon, Bhandarli and Gotheghar. Out of 40,000 houses, 27,496 houses will be alloted for low-income group, 5 Thousand 238 houses for the mid-income group. It will take some time to complete the tender process, to give the contract & to start the construction work.
    The project is expected to be completed in 2 1/2 years once the tender process is completed. Post this the allotment will be done as per the lottery system and the end user can expect to get thses houses in about 4 years.
    The houses will be allotted through lottery process only, under PMAY scheme. The current applications taken under the PMAY yojana are only for sample purposes to be used for the survey. 

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