MMRDA to call tenders for ‘Smart BKC’ project


Mumbai - Two years back, MMRDA had dreamt of smart BKC with WIFI hotspot service, smart parking, CCTV, smart street lighting, citizen mobile app and so on. However, this remain as a dream for the former. But in next 15 days MMRDA will call for tenders to fulfill their dream of smart BKC. This will be done on the basis of Nagpur Smart City tenders.

In 2015, tenders were called for the same project. Following to which, Reliance Infra and L&T Company presented their tenders and MMRDA chose the former. However, in August 2016, Reliance Infra withdrew from the tender process and MMRDA got in to soup. But, determined MMRDA has started calling out for tenders again.

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