Old buildings, no transit camps, no land - city faces new concern

Old buildings, no transit camps, no land - city faces new concern

Many questions have been raised after the incident occurred in Bhendi Bazaar on Thursday, which killed many living in those MHADA buildings. As per the reports, the residents had not left the old building and continued to stay there despite getting several notices. It is now being suspected that they will either be shifted to a transit camp, located some miles away or they will not be given a house.

Lately, the state government has started putting efforts to provide transit camps for residents from South Mumbai and is also trying to get 100 acres of BPT land, owned by the central government, for the same.

What’s the scene?
Several MHADA buildings in south Mumbai are mentioned in the list of those buildings which have no guarantee and are on the verge of falling anytime. In the lethal event which occurred on Thursday, 34 people died after the building collapsed in Bhendi Bazaar. Around 1000 transit camps have been built in Gorai, but the concern for those living in South Mumbai is about the distance. The residents have complained that travelling for work and studies from the other end of the city would only make their lives more difficult.

Is there some empty space in Mumbai?
The building repair and reconstruction board in MHADA says that there are only 56 transit camps in the city. The number of camps in the southern part of the city is less and hence the residents are being shifted to the suburbs. Moreover, all the transit camps are old and not in proper condition. Due to less number of camps in the city, not a single transit camp is empty. Further, as per reports, there will be around 25,000 families which will need help and accommodation in the future.

What’s the solution?
Subhan Bhange, Chief Officer of the Mumbai Building and Reconstruction Board, said that the state government is trying to acquire 100 acres of BPT space for a large number of transit camps in the city. The talks for the same, with the central government, are going on, and if the central government agrees to provide the support then many transit camps can be made for shelter.

Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shrivandra Walker, on Friday, discussed the issue regarding with reference to the incident that occurred recently. Waikar said that it is high time that the efforts began to get this land, and has assured that he would also hold a meeting with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari regarding the concern.

All said and done, the process of making these transit camps can go up to three years, and that is really a long time considering the state of the buildings today.

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