The car density situation in India has increased by 23%, with an average of 510 private cars per km in India. In Mumbai, the current count for private cars is 530 cars per km. The car density in Mumbai is not superficial and more substantial.

Delhi's private car on road count is 108 cars per km, which is 5 times lesser than that of Mumbai's private car count. Delhi being the capital of the country, has 3.2 times of investment as that of Mumbai's with respect to the procurement of private cars. Delhi has been able to manage traffic better because there has been an abundance of space, which is 15 times more road space than Mumbai's road space.  There are repercussions such as abominable traffic and pressing noise pollution.

Researchers have stated that the reason for the car density has been space management. There is a major crisis of space in Mumbai, which is not very rampant in other metropolitans like Pune, Delhi, Kolkata. The number of cars has increased rampantly in  Mumbai, both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Two-wheelers are more on the go because they are cheaper and middle-class families take resort to them more than four-wheelers.

Since 8 years, there has been a 95% increase in two-wheelers, whereas the increment of cars on road has been cited at 70%. Statistically, half of Mumbai's space has been taken up by cars. Another repercussion of this incidence is that it takes up to an hour to reach a destination in Mumbai, which could have otherwise taken 15 minutes. Also, there is a disruption of transport on roads, which also lead to reaching destinations sporadically.

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