When Ganpati got stuck in a traffic jam

On Sunday, Ganpati Mandals had to use Eastern Express Highway to bring Ganpati in

When Ganpati got stuck in a traffic jam

Did you think that potholes and bad infrastructure does not bother the Gods? Well you are wrong. It is because of the bad roads that this year many Mandals have been using Eastern Express Highway to bring in the idol.

One could see that even yesterday, when a stretch around Freeway off Reay Road was jam packed with cars as an idol was being brought in. It is noteworthy, that Western Railways, Central Railways and the Harbour line had a mega block, which could have forced a lot of commuters to resort to road travel.

Earlier in the month, BMC had announced that the potholes would be filled before the Ganpati festival, but that has not been the case so far. Commuters continue to face traffic snarls and potholes as the metro construction

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