A yummier vada pav never existed

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    Chembur – It's Mumbai’s staple. It's the humble batata vada squished between the equally modest pav, but combined with a dash of green and red chutneys, it takes on an awesome avatar. Meet the vada pav, the burger of Bombay.

    All vada pavs may be equal, but some are more equal, to quote George Orwell a bit out of context. Welcome to the Sai Vada Pav centre, located in Tilak Nagar, Chembur which has been making delicious vada pavs with tangy chutneys for the last 35 years. Owner Shailesh Sakpal says the footfalls have only been increasing over the years, and the reputation for his signature dish has fans thronging in from adjacent Ghatkoar as well. You know where to head next time you are in the Chembur neighbourhood .

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