Yummy, crunchy and piping hot monsoon treats you will love to dig into

Mumbai  -  

After the scorching heat, the monsoon has finally hit Mumbai and there's a distinct nip in the air, the humidity notwithstanding.

Bhuttas and bhajiyas are so passe though. Take a pause to sample some Oriental and Mediterranean flavours to your table. And no, they need not be oil laden and deep fried. Tossing the veggies around in a bowl with tinge of vinegar and olive oil gets you the amazing Duncan salad. Jalapenos, veggies mashed in cheese and filled in a waffle cone are another option, that are excellent to have on the go.
Give bhuttas a twist with baby corn tossed in with colourful bell peppers and stir-fried and you get Rangeen Baby corn.

Team it with piping hot Thai shorba to snuggle in the evening in front of the TV when it is pouring cats and dogs outside. Then there's Nizami kebab for kebab lovers.
And just beat the monsoon blues with a hot toddy, the traditional cocktail made with ginger, lime, honey, cinnamon and a dash of brandy.

Make monsoon a culinary fest this time. Bon Appetite!

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