Best Face Mask That One Can Wear In Mumbai

Best Face Mask That One Can Wear In Mumbai

A social media meme called the coronavirus ‘Schrodinger’s virus,’ drawing a parallel between the popular quantum mechanics paradox known as ‘Schrodinger’s cat.’ According to the paradox, a cat trapped with poisonous gas inside a box is simultaneously alive and dead because the observer cannot see the cat inside. The anonymously uploaded meme states that because you do not know if you have the virus, you have to act like you do, and do whatever we can to not spread it to others. This is where masks come in.

Till a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available to all, face masks are the best defence against the dreaded coronavirus. There are other important directives to remember — wash your hands thoroughly, carry hand sanitiser, and seek immediate help if you feel sick. However, the simple act of consistently wearing a mask can reduce transmission risk and lower the chances of spreading the virus, if an infected person wears it.

If not N-95, then what?

In July 2020, the Director-General of Health Services of India released a directive against the use of N-95 valve respirator masks which allow the virus to escape via the air valve. The Union Health Ministry advised people to make use of homemade protective face masks made of cloth instead. Online retail stores abound with different types of masks, but which is the best one? Especially when it comes to Mumbai’s hot and humid climate, which mask is best suited to protect you in this weather?

The WHO (World Health Organisation) and the Health Ministry advise the use of cotton cloth face masks with strings that can be fastened around the nose and mouth area. It is recommended that these cloth masks comprise of at least three layers of varied materials.

Another option is a surgical mask, but you need to ensure that it fits you properly as these masks tend to leave loose gaps on the sides which can allow the virus to flit in and out.

W95 masks are also being recognised as a great alternative for those who value both comfort and protection. These are lightweight masks that can be comfortably worn while exercising or taking a walk outside in Mumbai’s heat. Not only do these masks comprise of multi-layer protective material which stops up to 95 per cent bacteria and viruses, but they also come with a metal nose clip that ensures a snug fit.

Keep your mask on

You could buy the fanciest mask, but the mask that works is the one you wear consistently.

The best mask for Mumbai’s hot and humid climate then is one that fits well, covers the whole nose and mouth area, is non-porous, and lightweight. Consider keeping a few extra masks in your bag or car, in case you forget to carry one or the one you’re wearing feels sweaty due to the humidity. It is a must to wear a mask when you are going to be surrounded by people such as at the grocery store or pharmacy. Remove the mask safely when you are alone and use sanitiser to keep your hands virus-free.

Lastly, it does not help to wear a mask if you’re going to keep it off your nose or keep taking it off to talk. Stay safe and stop the spread!