Strawberries, Valentine's and the flavour of love

    Mumbai  -  

    Juhu- February is the month of luscious red strawberries that descend on the city from Mahabaleshwar and surrounding cooler climes.

    It is also the official season of love in the metropolis. Little wonder then, those eateries in the city are cashing in on the trend and bringing innovative dishes to the table. Many menus boast of the traditional favourite -  strawberries with cream - but along with that, you can now also savour hot beverages infused with strawberries too.
    Preet, the marketing manager of Grandmama's cafe, a cafe frequented by collegians and officer goers alike, says they get the best strawberries in this month and naturally several dishes are infused with a strawberry dash. The hot chocolate infused with strawberry has become a particular favourite this season.
    This month, the cafe's strawberry cheesecake, priced at Rs. 150 per portion, has got clients drooling,  while the strawberry infused hot chocolate, available at Rs. 175, is also doing well considering the slight dip in the city's mercury.Whether you have a date this Valentine's or not, the strawberries should definitely make your day!

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