Couple spreads anti addiction message on Valentine's Day

    Mumbai  -  

    Churchgate - Meet this Mumbai couple that has chosen the red letter day of Valentine's Day to educate married couples on the damage addictions can cause in a marriage.

    Vaibhav Bansode and Sanjeevani Bansode initiated an awareness campaign on Tuesday, riding on a wooden horse, dressed like a wedding couple. This awareness campaign was initiated under the aegis of the Nashabandi Mandal Maharashtra and held at Marine Drive.

    The drive highlighted the fact that addictions to various substances can wreak havoc in relationships. One disruptive force that often unties the knot of love is addiction, points out Bansode.

    The couple, while educating local citizens, pointed out that marriages in which one or both partners abuse drugs or alcohol are four to seven times more likely to end in separation. Building a successful journey as a couple is a unique challenge, the two said.

    'Make a promise this Valentine’s day to focus on your love and commitments as a couple and not your addiction', is this unique couple's message to the world on 14 February.

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