What exactly is the 'Kiki Challenge' and why is everybody going crazy over it...

Kiki Challenge is an online video challenge in which one has to jump out of a moving car and dance to the latest hit song by Drake 'In My Feelings' and then jump back into the moving vehicle


There is a new entrant in the world of online video challenge on the internet. And by now, you must’ve already guessed- it’s the Kiki Challenge!

If you’re a social media addict, you must’ve watched several people dancing to the latest hit number of Canadian rapper Drake. Well, it’s not just normal dancing; the challenge involves a person to jump out of a moving car, dance to the opening lines of the popular jig, and then jump back into the moving vehicle.

The trend went viral when Drake dropped his album ‘Scorpion’ and the song ‘In My Feelings’ got picked up by comedian Shiggy, who posted a video on Instagram on June 30, as the cars went past. Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his car. Even celebrities like Will Smith have uploaded the video of Kiki challenge on top of a bridge in Budapest.

The fad has also caught up with the celebs in India as well. Actors like Adah Sharma and Nia Sharma have shared their videos on Instagram. Comedy group AIB has posted some funny videos of the challenge. They feature the original videos of Sachin Tendulkar and Anushka Sharma talking to others on the road.

Sure, the Kiki Challenge must sound hilarious to a lot of social media enthusiasts who like to try a hand to validate their online presence, but in actuality, it’s nowhere close to being a fun thing to do.

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People across the world performing the challenge have received injuries due to dangerous attempts. In hundreds of such videos that have surfaced on the internet, people are seen crashing into poles and tripping on potholes. In one clip a woman's handbag is stolen while attempting the challenge.

The impact of the challenge on the young generation is so strong that police departments around the world had to issue warnings after videos online showed dancers falling out of cars even before they started doing the dance.
Police including Spain, the US and the United Arab Emirates warned people that the dance challenge is dangerous and people caught trying it could face criminal charges.

Mumbai Police tweeted: "Not just a risk for you, but your act can put the lives of others at risk too. Desist from public nuisance or face the music!"

So, if you've been considering to attempt the Kiki Challenge, use your best judgement. Moreover, looking at the poor, pothole-ridden roads in Mumbai, you definitely don't want to try it out here!

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