Dubai's Top Influencers: Four Women to Watch

Dubai's Top Influencers: Four Women to Watch

One valuable thing to come out of the digital age is the range of new professions for creative individuals. Influencers are the most impressive product with Dubai’s resident social media stars making waves of their own. The UAE has many influencers to boast of, but four with a passion for luxury should suffice to show what this technological path can achieve.

Rashi Chowdhary

Starting with a celebrated nutritionist from Mumbai, Rashi Chowdhary and her passion for healthy eating now calls Dubai home, while moving between the two cities to manage her business. She and her co-founder Saad Umerani gave the world Protein Bakeshop in 2014, a source of tasty, guilt-free snacks, as well as advice on good nutrition. Chowdhary also favours physical exercise, including cross-fit and the 66 Challenge, where participants had six months to get a six-pack through realistic but intense workouts. This influencer makes use of and shares all available and reliable solutions for a strong body and mind.

Rosemin Manji

The next celebrity to turn the spotlight on the UAE was born in Canada and now lives in Dubai. Rosemin Manji is the brains behind RR&Co, a consultation firm guiding luxury brands into establishing themselves in India. As Dubai and outlying emirates continue to expand their opportunities, Manji’s influence is invaluable. The port city of Ajman has attractions, history and nature aplenty for interested visitors, while Jebel Ali on the other side of Dubai features a thriving commercial and industrial community. The range of villas for rent in Sharjah available on the Bayut site, from affordable 1-bedroom properties to luxury homes worth AED 150,000+ per year, reflects the city’s broad popularity among expats and locals alike. Brands like Nando’s, Khaadi, and VOX Cinemas opening their doors there, among other UAE destinations, further increases their cultural and progressive potential for influencers like Manji.

Jannat Miranda

Jannat Miranda brings style into the UAE’s mix of influencers. She started with JMode, a blog and Instagram page showcasing her love for simple but chic elegance. Then she created the Empower platform, a hub for young aspiring entrepreneurs. In terms of forward-thinking style, the UAE is a prime location to discover it as Dubai ranked 10th among the world’s most fashionable cities. Not only that, but many domestic brands, like Splash, available downtown, a very popular commercial and residential Dubai area, are more determined than ever to provide sustainable options. While attracting the likes of Kappa and Lee Cooper into its collection, the retail giant uses eco-friendly fabrics to produce 80% of its clothes. What this means is that, once again, fashionistas like Miranda can find plenty of ideas in the UAE.

Pallavi Dean

Last but not least is an award-winning interior designer and influencer. Born and raised in Dubai, Pallavi Dean studied architecture and went on to establish her rebranded company, Roar, based in the city's Design District, another promising place to live close to. While Roar's innovative interior design services have kept her busy, she still found time to make her mark in London and beyond. Today, you will often spot her prestigious name in the Financial Times, BBC, and Architectural Digest, sharing her experiences and expertise.

Four influencers speaking for and improving several important aspects of our time: health, fashion, business, architecture, culture and beyond. Just as important is the fact that they have an audience, people eager to listen and learn about the world. Keep an eye on these Dubai-based entrepreneurs and their sectors as they help shape the world for the better through their networking platforms of choice, as well as their expertise.

Image Sources  Unsplash