Girl Power! These fitness and lifestyle bloggers will guide you to a healthy way of living

We all know how important it is for one to stay fit and feel great and how the body catches up if the mind is well taken care of.

Girl Power! These fitness and lifestyle bloggers will guide you to a healthy way of living

How many times have you come across an Indian female health and fitness blogger when you look for health and wellness blogs up online? Barely, I’m sure. The reason being, people in India, sill stereotype women who wish to go for a muscular appeal rather than a natural one. People mostly connect women with yoga and men with high-intensity workouts. But there’s a lot left to explore within this territory.

Here are 5 of the most influential and known, female health and wellness bloggers from Mumbai. Be it cross-fit, pilates, a healthier diet or yoga, these 5 bloggers are intensely passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  

Put That Cheese Burger down

“Put That Cheese Burger Down” is probably the most uncomplicated and demanding health and wellness blog name I have come across. The blog belongs to Neha Ghosh who is a certified diet therapist and a fitness enthusiast. With a belief that one has the ability to be fit and feel great without having to feel guilty about their lifestyle choices, her blog is a winner in this territory.


Namrata Purohit's blog is her Instagram page by the name namratapurohit and is an extremely helpful and inspiring blog for those looking to lose some weight and build a fit lifestyle. With being the world’s youngest Stott Pilates instructor, she also owns 'The Pilates Studio' and has also penned 'The Lazy Girl’s Guide to being Fit', a book fit for girls seeking fitness in their lives. 

Soulful Happiness

Yet another extremely fascinating blog is that of Natasha Noel. With the blood of a dancer running through her veins, Natasha is also a yogini and her blog is all about building a positive and healthy lifestyle. Her blog is just another epitome of how yoga along with a healthy diet and other workouts is an extremely healthy practice and how it keeps you fit and feeling great. Apart from using her blog to motivate people, Natasha also holds yoga classes in various parts of the country, Mumbai being her prime city.

This blog, an entire domain indeed, belongs to, as the name suggests, Padmavati Iyengar. Primarily a Mumbai health and wellness blogger, she is also a certified Zumba trainer. Her vlogs convey how zumba can become your favourite fitness routine because who doesn’t like grooving to their favorite tune? 


Deepika Mehta is a Mumbai-based fitness expert and a yogini who has her own show "Yoga City" on NDTV Good Times. Her blog is her Instagram page by the name deepikamehtayoga where she posts beautiful pictures of yoga postures and educates people regarding the benefits of yoga. After all, yoga is just not for the ladies! Her page is full of inspiration for those looking forward to altering their unhealthy choices with fitter ones and lead a positive lifestyle!

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So Mumbai, let's live healthy and stay positive!

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