Friendship Day: ​Unhinged friendship between food and food!

The true relationship between food and food is often ignored. But would you eat Idli without sambar and have Butter Chicken without Butter Naan? Well, this Friendship Day, let's talk about the unbreakable friendship between food!

  • Friendship Day: ​Unhinged friendship between food and food!
  • Friendship Day: ​Unhinged friendship between food and food!
  • Friendship Day: ​Unhinged friendship between food and food!
  • Friendship Day: ​Unhinged friendship between food and food!
  • Friendship Day: ​Unhinged friendship between food and food!

There are some relationships which don’t have a name, and some relationships where the subjects complement the other involved and make it wholesome. This Friendship Day, let’s get past the cheesy, cliche lines involving humans, and give voice to the friendship between food and food (and of course the one who eats it).

1) Butter Chicken and Butter Naan

Name a better combination and I will stop eating this duo (that’s almost impossible). A signature Indian dish, which is world famous and can’t be relished by itself but the presence of a butter-soaked, hot naan makes their friendship finger-licking worthy. The unbreakable bond between Butter Chicken and Butter Naan is so pure, that Jay and Viru would be sidelined.

2) Idli/Medu Vada/Dosa and Sambar

From the South to the world, South Indian cuisine’s flagship food is just the perfect meal for any day. But can you imagine eating idli by itself? Step in — Sambar! The bond between idli/dosa/medhu vada (some call it “mendu vada”, don’t know why) and sambar (replace sambar with chutney according to your preference) is like the best tag-team in the food world. Piping hot idli, dipping itself in hot, spicy sambar just proves the depth of their friendship and they just mix up like BFFs!

3) Vada and Pav

A true Mumbaikar NEVER separates vada and pav. This iconic duo, with some chutney reminds me of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag. Sachin-Sehwag were a delight to watch at any time of the day, month, year and Mumbai’s staple food — The Vada Pav — is exactly the same! No time, location or weather can be unfit for a classic vada pav. This friendship has fed Mumbai for decades and will continue doing so because, life changes, friends don’t!

4) Old Monk and Coke

Now that we’ve eaten so much, let’s address this iconic drink! Old Monk (rum) and Coke (or thumps up) are real friendship goals. Three cubes of ice, one large peg of old monk, and fizz it up with coke, stir and sip the true flavour of friendship! If you want to enjoy this friendship even more, sip on it in the monsoon or winter. The warmth it produces brings tears of joy to the drinker.

5) Milk and Bournvita

This one is for all age-groups. To those who don’t like milk, or drink milk as it is, I have nothing to say to you. This combination has been a healthy bff for decades. Warm/cold milk and Bournvita is the perfect non-alcoholic drink for all seasons. This Friendship Day, grab a huge glass of milk and celebrate like school kids with friendship bands and the traditional "you're my best friend" mush and re-live the old times.

Happy Friendship Day, Mumbai! Have a good one and value those awesome friends around you, because family and friends are all that we need in life (along with tasty food!) 

Cover Image credits: Apurva Srivastava 

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