Get framed to get stylish

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    Mumbai - Gone are the days when spectacles were considered a hinderance to looks. Glasses now are style statements and must-have accessories, if you want look intense and sincere.

    The icons of the current generation - Deepika, Sonakshi, Sonam, Shraddha,Ranbir as well as Ranveer have all been sporting a variety of glasses for that geeky and nerdy look. Glasses are no longer for the bookworm, they add confidence and charm to your personality. And they need not be the staid and stolid type too - there are various ways in which you can get your eyes framed. The glasses cognoscenti says it's very important to choose the right frame according to your face cut. Oh, and not just the design, the colour of the frame is just as crucial.  The range to choose from is endless - orange, blue, red, baby pink and animal prints for those willing to go a shade experimental.For that sporty look, broad, square frames in tones of brown, black and grey are all the rage. 
    Go ahead and make the most of the craze!

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