Have you heard about the 'social fridge' in Versova?


If you happen to be travelling from Versova metro station along JP road, take a breather at the Shiv temple at the roadside even if you are not the pious sort.

For it's here that Mumbai, that's often portrayed as a hard hearted metropolis, shows its humane side. Take a peek inside the temple trust office and you will see a refrigerator humming away quietly.

It's an ordinary fridge like any other, but its capacious interiors reflect the hearts of gold of those who stock it. Local residents and restaurants bring in food and stock it in this fridge for the use of the needy in the area.The idea came from the Versova Welfare Trust and the Vateshwar temple and a local resident Gopal Hegde donated the refrigerator in memory of his mother.

Every day, anonymous donations pour into the fridge and are accessed by the hungry in the area. Magnanimity was never this cool!

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