Ira Trivedi talks about the success of her virtual yoga festival titled 'Being Yoga'

Ira Trivedi talks about the success of her virtual yoga festival titled 'Being Yoga'

During these tough times, everyone is finding ways to be fit and ace their fitness game. Ira Trivedi came up with a brilliant idea of organising a Virtual Yoga Festival titled 'Being Yoga'. It was held on May 2 and 3, 2020, and people from all walks of life participated in the same. The festival was supported by the Ministry of Culture.

On the success of the virtual wellness festival, Ira says, "Our first virtual yoga festival went amazingly well and was a huge success. We were live streaming across platforms and had amazing speakers who inspired all strata of society."

Talking about the highlights Ira added, "Some of the highlights were BK Shivani sharing what our day should look like to be mentally strong during Covid-19. There was Rahul Bose who gave a very wonderful talk about how is he managing to stay fit despite having no access to any equipment, no access to any ground, and how he is using a 6 by 6 space to workout and stay healthy. Mahesh Bhupathi told us about how he is surviving, how he and his family, him, Lara Dutta, and their daughter are keeping healthy, and how kids should stay engaged during the lockdown. We had Radhanath Swami who joined us from Chicago and he told us about lessons from Bhagwat Geeta to stay strong during this time and what I thought was particularly interesting is what he said about what Krishna would be saying right now if he was there on earth, about this pandemic and what the future would be. We ended with a beautiful Kirtan by Krishna Das who is a grammy-winning artist who joined us with some really amazing chants and Kirtans and we were really blessed to have him."

With a joyous heart, Ira adds, "All in all, it was a day of a lot of motivation and we had some beautiful nutrition segments as well in the afternoon and the importance of fasting and how to keep your immunity up and alive during Covid-19. We inspired a lot of people including celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, to endorse our event, as she joined the event virtually. So we had close to a million people come across all our platforms and get inspire to donate and help improve their own mental, physical, and emotional well being."

Many renowned names from different industries joined the session, talking about the importance of Yoga.

The festival was live and consisted of the safety of each individual's homes.

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