Kala Ghoda Association wants public to become stakeholders of 'Kala Ghoda Arts Festival'

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival will be held between February 1 to February 9, 2020; and one can log on to and contribute for the festival

Kala Ghoda Association wants public to become stakeholders of 'Kala Ghoda Arts Festival'

Recognized as the oldest street festival in the country that brings art, music, theatre, and cinema together amongst many other genres, the 21st edition of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is all set to kickstart with artists and audiences visiting the precinct from across the world. And this year, KGAF will set a new precedent. The Kala Ghoda Association, organisers of the Festival, have, for the first time, invited people across the country who have been a part of the Festival over its 20-year heritage to help them bring alive KGAF. They have tied up with the crowdfunding platform, Ketto, to help them in this endeavour.

Extending an invitation to all Mumbaikars, the initiative is a call for support to carry forward the festival’s legacy in preserving Mumbai’s cultural heritage. After being sponsored for the past 20 years, the Kala Ghoda Association now seeks to bring in the public who have enjoyed editions of the Festival as stakeholders in this annual magnum opus. People can log on to , and contribute to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2020.

Elaborating on the initiative, Mr. Maneck Davar – Honorary Chairman, Kala Ghoda Association commented, “The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has been a beloved part of Mumbai’s rich history for the past two decades. Since our inception, KGAF has been a pioneer in evoking a sense of civil responsibility towards the cultural and historic heritage of a city. The growth that we have witnessed speaks volumes of the support that we have received thus far. This year, with the business climate in the country being bleak, we, as all other art initiatives in the country, are facing tough times. And that’s when the idea of looking at crowdfunding came in. Through this association with Ketto, we invite art lovers across the country to become a part of something bigger and very impactful. The festival was started for the people and it has grown with them, and, now, we wish to keep this legacy alive with their support. I am certain that people will loosen their purse strings that will allow us to build more such culturally immersive experiences.”

KGAF has seen a plethora of names – well-known as also emerging talent – come together to share the platform in the cause of art.

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival will be held in the Kala Ghoda precinct between Saturday, February 1, 2020 to Saturday i.e. February 9, 2020.