5 Male Fitness Bloggers To Motivate You For The Week!

Staying healthy and fit is important but maintaining it can be a real task. However, here are five Mumbai-based male bloggers who show you that being healthy and leading a positive lifestyle isn't all that tough and boring.

5 Male Fitness Bloggers To Motivate You For The Week!

Men have always been associated with weights and muscles for reasons so stereotypical. However, not everyone is aware of the Indian male fitness bloggers out there who strive at every step to help people make the right choices to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are five Mumbai-based male health and wellness bloggers who are true to their passion for fitness and stand by it while educating people that being fit is essential to feel great all the time.

This one’s a winner in the list of most sought-after male bloggers and blogs. With the domain belonging to Luke Coutinho who is not just another blogger but also a published author of the globally acclaimed book 'The Great Indian Diet' (with Shilpa Shetty). His blog is all about healthy practices, nutritional values, effective diets and a positive lifestyle. To add to that, his Instagram features stories with challenges such as '1 week no sugar', hence helping people take care of their health in a not-so-mainstream way.

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Fat Marathoner

Fat Marathoner is a one-stop solution for all your fitness inquiries. It covers everything from the health and wellness world, from health, fitness, running, marathons, diets to inspirational news from all around. Fat marathoner by Anurag Rane is a blog, aiming to inspire people to alternate their unhealthy lifestyles with a healthy one.


A famous celebrity fitness trainer based in Mumbai, Vinod Channa has been spreading awareness about health and wellness and educating people to incorporate healthier and fitter habits into their lifestyles. With his Instagram page by the name thevinodchanna being his sole blog, he posts short yet crisp videos on his page, inspiring people to exchange their unhealthy lifestyles for a healthier one!

Vinod Channa

Beer Biceps

How intriguing is the name? And to clear the air, the blog’s still a fitness blog and belongs to Ranveer Allahbadia who happens to be a certified wellness and fitness coach. His vlogs on YouTube have it all, be it diet plans, health consultancy, workout regimes or simply motivation, Beer Biceps has got you covered! With taking inspiration from his own transformation, from being “fat” to being “fit”, he aims at making this country a fitter place. One day at a time!

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Bombay Fitness Project

Bombay fitness project is the time, heart and effort of Ryan Pereira, an influencer, intensely passionate about a fit living. Ryan Pereira helped people understand their body and mind better. After all, if the mind’s healthy, the body will come along. This blog educates people regarding what they need and what they don’t, to a healthy lifestyle. The blog covers everything, from diet plans to workouts to recovery. It’s one source! 

So are you ready to keep the burger down and go for a run this week? Have a good week, Mumbai! Stay fit, stay healthy! 

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