Millionaire pauper prefers the footpath

    Mumbai  -  

    Borivali - The metropolis can be cruel to its denizens.

    70 year old Arun Paurana, who claims to be a self made chemical engineer, with a chemical factory of his own in Rajkot and flats in Borivali and Santacruz, is currently a footpath dweller at Borivali. Paurana has been occupying the footpath for the last five days, claiming he has been hurt by his family members. He claims to have wealth, which has been usurped by cannier family members. He has also won many accolades for his work and sports, and has gold medals to his credit. He says his son lives in Dubai and has a  brother in the USA. His wife stays in Santacruz, but he is not planning to stay there.

    He is happy to lead his life as a poor person on the footpath, and says he has forgiven everyone who may have wronged him. Life and traffic flows past him, and the city moves on.

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