Mumbai based artist Sameer Kulavoor collaborates with Apple and It’s Nice That for the Today at Apple: New World series

Mumbai based artist Sameer Kulavoor collaborates with Apple and It’s Nice That for the Today at Apple: New World series

The New Normal is the ‘New World’ we live in and that’s exactly what Mumbai based artist Sameer Kulavoor showcased at his latest virtual workshop for ‘Today at Apple’.

Right in the beginning after introducing himself, he shared his journey and how it all started when he was just 6 years old. A visit to his neighbour who was an art teacher changed his life forever. He then started the session by showing us all his art book from 1997.

Then we were introduced to his ‘The Ghoda Cycle’ Project which had photos, artwork, stencils of anything and everything related to cycles in India. ‘The Ghoda Cycle’ project even made it to Paul Smith clothing as a special feature. So next time you are planning to pick up a Paul Smith t-shirt, do look out for ‘The Ghoda Cycle’ project collection 😊.

Sameer then mentioned that he uses three tools observation, memory and imagination. His idea of recreating or rearranging the world we live in or our immediate surroundings was an instant connect with the audience. When he showed is iPhone’s photo gallery full of shots, he had taken of random buildings from various cities to rearrange or re-engineer them as a collage. It felt like my own photo gallery but when he showcased what he has done with it drew the line between how an artist thinks and visualises things. Here’s what I’m talking about –

Now, these are random buildings, storefronts and architecture but how Sameer has placed them is what defines what a great artist he is. During the workshop, he mentioned that he uses technology during the concept stages of his art. For example, to create collages or visualise compositions he uses is iPad or MacBook Pro as a testing ground for his artwork. Once he likes what he sees, he then uses his analogue tools and mediums like acrylic on canvas or something else.

After he showcased his work, it was time for us to create something on our iPad’s using the Procreate App. Though the demo was based on the Procreate app, people were free to use any app they were comfortable to edit pictures or paint with. There were some fabulous submissions but due to Apple’s Privacy Policy not only the submissions are automatically removed after 72 hours but also, we can’t share them here. And for the same reason these sessions are not recorded or saved, so do set reminder for the upcoming ‘New World’ Today at Apple sessions by Apple and It’s Nice that. Click on the link to register -

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