Mumbai based astrologer Ashaben Shah predicts what 2021 has in store

In the beginning of the year 2020, the Mumbai-based famous astrologer Ashaben Shah had predicted that the whole world will be suffering from some disease in this year, and the rest is the history. Similarly, she has predicted something for 2021 as well.

Mumbai based astrologer Ashaben Shah predicts what 2021 has in store

Mumbai-based astrologer Ashaben Shah had predicted in 2019 in regards to a communicable disease that will engulf the world in 2020, and the rest is the history.

Mumbai Live connected her to know what 2021 has in store for us on various aspects. Read on to know what she said:

The world will benefit from the coronavirus vaccine which is developed in India. Rahu will be in Taurus zodiac due to its earth element, which will create a strange situation. Humans will face a natural disaster due to their actions. The country's foreign policy will remain in turmoil. America's international court of justice is likely to come to India. There are chances of fire, earthquake, rain, drought, tsunami. There may be an outbreak of the organism that damages the crop. Various animals, mammals and birds can be disturbed.

The alliance of Shani and Guru will bring out the works of suppressed imagination. There will be more revelations from the film industry.

There will be an atmosphere of deity in Nagpur, Jalandhar and change of political power in Maharashtra and Bengal. Crimes like riots, violence, theft, robbery, rape, murder etc. will increase. Contradiction will increase among state leaders, while some kind of illness will increase in Rajasthan.

On February 11, 2021, seven planets in the Capricorn can go in a terrible condition for three months after coming together. The coming together of Venus and Mars will lead to an increase in atrocities, mistreatment and adultery.

Moreover, the Scholars, Brahmins, Pandits, farmers, businessmen, Seths, astrologers, sailors, potters and saints may have to suffer. The disease can spread to young children. The great man may have to suffer disconnection.

Also, dignitaries like the President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister etc. can face various hurdles. The new law will fill the vault of the state, but on the other hand, the expenses will also increase.

There will be a slowdown in the stock market. Automotive, diamond industry and crude oil will continue to grow, whereas the prices of gold, silver, copper, brass, will be increased further.

Even after a strange situation, Chandradarshan will continue to be in the north angle, due to which its auspicious results can be seen. Being free from the inauspicious effects of the eclipse, there will be chances of reconciliation among the leaders and subjects of India. India will innovate. New jobs and employment will gain momentum this year.

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