Mumbai again with its old famous identities

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    Fort- Mumbai again got back its three famous identities as Mumbai’s three heritage places completed with the beautification work and again it’s open for people to visit.
    Forts Pyav which was building in year 1811in Mumbai for Mumbaikars to get free drinking water, not only it eases the thirst of people but many meetings were held here.

    With the years passing by, the construction of the Pyav was dilapidated. Kala Ghoda association took out it's re construction work.
    After expending Rs 25 lakhs, it was reopened for people to avail free service of free drinking water in December 2016. Wadia clock which was situated at Bazar Gate was constructed in 1882 by former Sherrif of Mumbai, Bomji Hormusji Wadia. The total expense occurred to save and beautify this clock. Royal Opera House has also opened December 2016 for Mumbaikars.

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