Mumbai International Airport Revives Indian Culture And Art Through Yoga By The Art Wall

600 meters activity space by the art wall saw participation from stakeholders and passengers at Terminal 2 on the occasion of International Yoga Day

  • Mumbai International Airport Revives Indian Culture And Art Through Yoga By The Art Wall
  • Mumbai International Airport Revives Indian Culture And Art Through Yoga By The Art Wall

Yoga and art are delightfully harmonising disciples rich in imagination and rooted in self-assertiveness. Each asana tells a story; the sequences and kriyas can be practiced as designed movements in symphony, and the experiences can be rightly declared as witnessing an incredible masterpiece. Understanding the yoga as a beautiful form of human art, GVK Mumbai International Airport along with The Yoga Institute curated a yoga session specially for travellers to increase awareness amongst the anxious flyers on the occasion of International Yoga Day. This was the first time that the airport’s terminal building hosted an activity at such a huge scale by the art wall. The sessions saw participation from all the patrons over meditation and asanas before boarding their flight. The activity was spread across sprawling 600 meters and the first one-hour session in the morning brought together not only the passengers travelling via Terminal 2 but also various stakeholders, employees of the airport amongst other members to pause, reflect and relax.

MIAL, as industry tastemaker, understands art and takes immense pride in its largest public art initiative, ‘Jaya He Museum’. The airport through its vision and mission to own, develop, and operate an airport aims to reflect true heritage of India and the spirit of Mumbai. Taking cues and enhancing its cultural experience a notch higher, passengers were introduced to Travel Yoga – a fulfilled yet relaxing yoga session for passengers on the move. The hassle free yoga asanas and kriya session especially curated by the Mumbai Airport and the Yoga institute, focused on asanas that can be practiced on flight, at office or at home without disturbing the others. Considering the lifestyle and busy work schedule of the stakeholders and employees, the yoga session hosted at the MIAL heightened awareness about how senses are often ignored and how yoga helps in relaxing the mind and body. The session also emphasized on how meditation can calm the senses and demonstrated asanas that are easy, travel friendly and specially curated for travellers who tend to be anxious while travelling.

Through its continuous and tireless efforts to relive the forgotten Indian culture, the airport through its initiatives is bringing to life a sense of Indianness to Mumbai. A frontrunner in leading numerous industry innovations and pioneering facilities, Mumbai International Airport aims at providing world class services to its patrons. Understanding that travelling could cause anxiety and hassle amongst flyers, MIAL’s initiatives like the botanical gardens with exotic species, water fountains and trails provides a soothing atmosphere to the nervous flyers. Additionally, the dog therapies and majestic art installations and architecture provide an experience of a destination rather than just a transit point for passengers from around the world.

Being the world’s best single runway airport, Mumbai International Airport has taken various initiatives on achieving level 3+ of carbon neutrality, emission reduction, energy conservation, noise abatement measures, etc. that help in provide a friendly travel experience to its patrons.

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