Have you heard of the UnErase Poetry? If not, then this is a MUST read...

Have you heard of the UnErase Poetry? If not, then this is a MUST read...

A poem, as compared to spoken words, is more powerful and reaches out with more conviction. 16 years old poet and the founder of ‘Unerase Poetry’ Simar Singh chose this platform to reach out to the audience.

“I am myself a poet but I started performing last year. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for stand-up comedy and there is no such online platform for poets. So I thought of coming up with spoken word poetry form where in poets perform it live and it is put up online. I started this two months back and I am glad people are loving it,” said Simar Singh, founder, UnErase Poetry.

Singh adds that the idea came to him while performing. “In India, there are very fewer platforms where poems are read out online. What we do is we partner with Tuning Fork cafe of Mumbai who conducts open mics where poets perform and we handpick poets, who then perform live at Anti- Social or Tuning Fork with a packed audience,” said Simar Singh.

UnErase Poetry organises feature show which takes place twice a month and lasts for one and half hour. Prior to this, one-week rehearsal is arranged with the chosen poet and music. In a feature show, six poets perform for 10-15 minutes wherein they showcase their 2-3 works.

Currently, ‘The Legal Rapist’ poem shot by UnErase poetry, performed by Simar Singh himself is going viral and is in trending across social networking websites. Apart from the ‘The Legal Rapist’, ‘A Brown Girl's Guide To Gender’ by Aranya Johar and ‘Before You Commit Suicide’ by Ishmeet Nagpal is getting popular with almost more than a lakh views.

Singh adds that the poets choose the topics and mostly social poems are trending. “Currently we have done 7-8 poems which have been put up online,” he added. Anyone who is interested in to be a part of 'UnErase Poetry' can attend the live show whose details one will get on their Facebook page.

Simar is currently pursuing her 12 grade from R N Poddar school and wishes to expand the horizon for the budding poets.