What Did India Buy From The 1st Mega Sale During Pandemic?

What Did India Buy From The 1st Mega Sale During Pandemic?

What Did India Buy From The 1st Mega Sale During Pandemic?

Months of the lockdown has altered the habits of Indian Consumers. Now the revealed spending patterns show that they all are concerned about their health more than anything in the world. Lately, every consumer was either shopping for immunity boosters or essential food items. Recently Amazon and Flipkart completed their first mega sale during the pandemic and to astound everyone, the sales were better than the 2019 version. Well, there are a number of things that people need when they are always at their homes. Staying at homes seems easy but it is absolutely not.

Amazon Prime Day sale took place on 6th and 7th of August.

The company stated that this sale was the biggest two days ever for small and medium businesses. As per the reports, 91,000 small and medium sellers received orders during this time of which 62,000 sellers were from small towns. The company also said that over 4000 of the small and medium business sellers saw sales of more than 10 lakh.

Amazon Freedom Sale took place from 8th to 11th August

While Prime Day sale is only for the members, Freedom sale is for everyone whether he is a member or not. Freedom sale too was a hit as compared to the last year results. Since the platform offered consumers a lot of exciting offers like no-cost EMI and extra discounts on SBI credit cards, the sale proved to be a hit.

Flipkart Big Savings Days took place from 6th to 10th August

As the fear of stepping out still persists in consumers, they are purchasing everything from the e-commerce websites. So, there was a one and a half time spike across the platform on the sales days.

Categories which saw most traction

We talked to (A Leading Coupons and Deals Aggregator in India) and they said “Since the outbreak of the deadly virus, people are advised to stay at home and this has changed a lot of things, their habits and needs. So, the recent sale showed the demand in things that were not purchased earlier on a very high rate.” As per their data the categories that saw the most traction were -

  • Laptops- Laptops were the most selling gadget during the August 2020 sale. The fear of stepping out is still the same and most of the companies, schools, colleges are operating on online platforms. The current Work from Home situation is one of the major reasons for the surge in laptops sale. The second reason is the online classes that have been going on for quite a long time now. Parents are reluctant to send their kids outside to study but then schools and colleges are conducting online classes regularly so that their studies don’t suffer.
  • Electronic Appliances- After Laptops, electronic appliances saw a high demand too. Earlier people took the help of maids for cleaning and other work. But since no one is asking help from the domestic helpers, everyone is doing their own work. Appliances like washing machines and fridges were on the top of this list.
  • Headphones & SpeakersThe declared lockdown may have saved people from stepping out but it has not saved them from working, attending meetings (online) and the zoom calls of course. So, headphones also attracted a lot of customers while on the other hand speakers were also on the same list. Since no one can go out to relax, speakers have become reasons for escapism.
  • Kids Clothing and Toys- Kids toys and clothes are the next category that saw high demand in this sale. Reason being, toys are the medium of distraction for them. Since they are at home for a very long period of time, engaging them into something or the other is essential. On the other hand, clothes are equally in demand and are being continuously ordered by Indian consumers.
  • Books- Undoubtedly books are great ways to kill boredom and hence they have proved to be one of the most chosen entertainment mediums in lockdown. This stay at the home situation has changed the perception of people for books. So, when the sale started a high demand for books was also observed.
  • Treadmills and Home Gyms- Treadmills and home gyms also saw a spike in the sale. People cannot go to the gyms to exercise and hence they have found new ways to stay fit. They are purchasing gym equipment so that they remain in shape.
  • Cleaning Products- Without the domestic help it becomes difficult to manage everything and thus people are spending on home cleaning products like Spin Bucket and Spin Mop.

These were the categories that saw a high demand than usual. The pandemic followed by the lockdown has changed people’s lives forever and thus their shopping habits have also changed. Now below is a list of categories that saw less traction than usual.

  • Watches- Watches add grace to your outfit. They are not only accessories but they also reflect style. But they did not make a hit during this sale. When you stay at home, you don’t wear a watch and thus this category now falls under unessential items.
  • Bags- Bags are said to be a woman’s best friend. They carry them everywhere and keep all of their essential items in them. But since all of us are working, shopping and studying from home there was a decrease in the sales of bags. Not only women bags, the school bags, backpacks and wallets also faced the same brutal situation.
  • Ethnic & Formal Wear- Since the clothing has gone casual during coronavirus lockdown, apparently the sales of ethnic and formal wear has decreased. Working from home gives the benefit of wearing anything that you like. Also, the online classes have given students the liberty to go all casual from ethnic and stylish clothes. Also, the sale of make-up items has dropped drastically since you don’t have to meet anyone or go out for shopping or clubbing.

It is difficult to predict the future, how things will be after the pandemic but for now, it is impacting everything in some way or the other. Most importantly it is affecting people’s habits and routines.

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